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Updated: September 6, 2013

Custom portraits, painted on sweatshirts, frameable materials etc.

Each portrait is done by using a clear photo of a favorite person or animal and is a unique tribute to them. All hand-painted portraits on sweatshirts are machine washable. It is very helpful to have more than one reference picture to do a portrait. Portraits are done in watercolor, gouache ("go-ash", like watercolor paint but with more texture and more vivid colors), acrylic, pencil, pen & ink or fabric paint if they are on clothing. Click on the painting below for my sample page. If you like the portraits you see and would like to inquire about ordering one please email me with any questions at hhstables09@gmail.com. I am happy to ship portraits. Payment must be made in advance.

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This way to Trader Joe's mural

Summer BBQ Headquarters

Healthy Back to School Snacks

This is painted on glass and was done for an ice cream stand at a farm in Groton, MA.





Aussie! He is painted with a combination of watercolor and gouache paints.

Rachel cat
This cat portait was done with a combination of watercolor and gouache paints.

This snake was painted with watercolor and gouache and was also given as a Christmas gift.


Meet Molly. She was painted with a combination of gouache and watercolor paints

This husky was painted with watercolor and gouache (high-pigmented watercolor) paints. It was ordered for a Christmas gift. Actual size was 18" x 24".


JoAnn Dog
Meet Sassy. This watercolor cat portrait was ordered for a Christmas present. The dogs are also watercolor.

Jube Kaje
These were a gift for my sister. The little horse heads were painted to look just like her horses, Jubilee on the left and Kaje on the right.

John BlueJohn Blue
This was my 15 minutes of fame as an artist ... Here's John Blue, a former Boston Bruins goaltender. After painting these pictures (which were practice for thoe one and only watercolor course I ever took) I gave the one on the right to John. I used a picture from a newspaper for reference to do these 18" x 24" watercolor paintings. I met John Blue at an autograph signing at a local sports center and he autographed the painting (I kept) for me. He was very touched and a few days later his father called me to thank me for the painting I gave him. He said he was going to hang it up with John's Olympic stuff.


2 black dogs

Carol Bird


This portrait of a Kailey was done on a sweat shirt with fabric paint.

This bearded collie was done on the back of a dungaree jacket with fabric paint. The owner of the coat, who also is a dog trainer, wears it to many dog shows to show off her favorite breed.

Lap puppy

Joan Dog

This portait of Bosco, a Boston terrier was done free-hand with fabric paints. It is painted on a blue 100% cotton sweatshirt.

Meet Kelsea. This dalmation was hand-painted on a dungaree jacket with fabric paint. Her owner also shows her and wears the coat to many of the dog shows to promote dalmations.

This brindle colored boxer's portrait was done on a sweatshirt.

Both tigers were hand-painted on grey sweatshirts.

Meet "Filly" my wonderful appaloosa mare and my first horse (aka: Ziyadah).
This is hand painted on a cotton turtle neck shirt with fabric paint.

Nugget, an awesome little Shetland pony was
hand painted on a grey sweatshirt with fabric paint.

Jimbo, a very classy Morgan gelding was
also done on a sweatshirt with fabric paint.

Ozzie was hand painted on a grey sweatshirt with fabric paint.


Nick & Olivia

This is a pencil sketch of my son Cole that I did years ago when he was 4.

This portrait was done in pencil.

Mason logo
This is the logo I designed for Mason Elementary School.

Turkey Sign

This Pegasus, copied from a notepad I've had since the 80's is done with acrylic paints.
It is painted on a cedar chest.

This is the logo I designed. The picture on the right is the finished version done by Custom Signs in Littleton, MA


tetley tea
Just for fun! I painted this and a few others to sell at a tack shop. The tea cup was a school project.

To place an order:

If you are interested in portraits please e-mail me for quotes. Please plan time for these if they're gifts! I require pre-payment for those who wish to order via mail service. Due to my busy life on the farm and young "busy" son, portraits may take up to 6 months to complete. As of March, 2011, I can only take on new portraits if there is no time restriction, due to my very busy schedule. Thanks to anyone who has waited patiently for portraits before this announcement! Your patience is greatly appreciated!

I do portraits by photos only. You'll need to [e]mail me good, clear photo(s) of the subject to paint from. Thanks for stopping by!