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Two of my all-time favorites of Sunny

Cole & one of the many frogs from our frog pond (2006).

Here's Storm with his "jollyball" He would often bring this to me when I drove
by while plowing. (2008)

This is Cole and our Mouse (about 7 months old at the time of this picture in 2007)

This is our indoor riding arena (under construction) under a rainbow.
A sure sign of good luck - at least that's what we'd like to believe!!!

Another view of the rainbow over our pastures. Our little piece of heaven here in Mason.

Here's Cole and Mouse around Christmastime (2007)

Halloween fun! Cole the Knight onboard Bandit. (2007)

The cutest boy ever! (2006)

One of my favorites of Cole and his pony Bandit (2006)

The true meaning of loyalty is found in a cattle dog.
Mr. Blue, we'll miss you forever (1993-2007)

Another one of Cole & Bandit (2006)

Rain, also known as "Mischief Managed" (2007)

Sundance enjoying her first run in our new pasture when we finished fencing it!
That was a BIG job! (2006)

(mother and son) Copper & Storm (2006)

Kim & Sunny - photo by Cole
Oh, and me with Sunny - photo by Cole!